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A significant number of stores and businesses in the GTA, as well as in Guelph, (and other parts of Ontario) want to enforce their customers and their workers to wear a mask. Wearing one is supposed to protect the most vulnerable people. I ask myself why millions of healthy people, who are not coughing or sneezing are mandated to wear masks. For sure, many people don masks just to get onto the premises as they are ordered to do so. The following then happens: to save money on masks, people reuse them several times by taking the used one off and putting it into a purse, or somewhere close by, then wear the same mask again, and so on. The chance of being contaminated by an infectious disease by wearing a dirty one is higher than not wearing a mask at all.

Certainly, people who really believe in masks can protect themselves from the virus by following all the precautionary measures. However, many people do not realize that a face mask gets wet after only 30 minutes of use, as it is a fact that within half an hour, we exhale almost 5 ml of water. A wet mask can also easily grip germs and viruses, which you then inhale back in, turning it into a vicious deadly cycle.

Moreover, covering your mouth for a prolonged time increases the level of carbon dioxide in your body, which promotes oxygen deprivation. Frontline workers are forced to wear masks from 4 – 8 hours per day, which has already caused multiple complaints from them. They have expressed their concerns as they have headaches, repeated episodes of dizziness and chronic fatigue. Those, who do not wish to wear a mask, should be given the option and should not be shunned by business managers or the public. The father of two beautiful kids, who joined the famous Anti-lockdown protest in Toronto, shared his story of how he was fired from a construction job for refusing to wear a face mask. People who do not wish to wear a mask should not be discriminated against and penalized.

A number of epidemiologists, including those from the World Health Organization, raised concerns about the efficiency of face masks against pathogens. At the beginning of the pandemic, at the time when the world didn’t have enough supplies of masks and other PPE, WHO advised against wearing masks, saying “there was little evidence that it would help prevent people from getting sick.” They recommended masks for just sick people or anyone caring for them, but offered no guidance back then for healthy people keeping masks on, (please see source:

Suddenly, now that the world has become overstocked with face masks from China and local suppliers, the WHO has started to advocate that all people wear masks, including healthy ones. How can we trust the WHO and other lobbying scientists who rapidly change their attitudes depending on the circumstances? To conclude, though, on a positive note, I will reiterate that as of Tuesday, June 16, 2020, it is no longer mandatory in Ontario for people to wear masks in indoor establishments, but as Premier Doug Ford said, it will continue to be “highly, highly recommended”. However, I cannot stress it enough that by not wearing a mask, you protect your health as well as the environment from pollution. Do not FEAR the virus, as such fear destroys your immune system. Your immune system is the best and the most reliable guard against the virus you have!

Olga Samson-Song, Nutritionist

Lubov  Alviano, RN