Whole-body detox

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Our twelve hour detox program is designed for those looking to completely detox the body from accumulated toxins: the colon, liver, kidney, lungs, skin, and lymphatic system. The program includes information and insight into high-density foods, natural remedies, and protocols for the majority of the program.

Each day we are exposed to different sources of toxins and pollutants in our environment. The body’s natural process of removal of these harmful toxins allow it to heal only when the conditions for a state of “wellbeing” are created in the body.

In our modern world, it’s nearly impossible to avoid exposure to harmful substances. Toxins can cause imbalances in the body. Our organs interact with each other. As a result, disorders in one organ can disrupt the balance of the body.

  • Twelve hours of lecture broken into three sessions.
  • Three hours of hands-on -workshop. (optional)
  • How to start the detox program.
  • Six organ detox program (colon, liver, kidney, lungs, skin, lymphatic system).
  • Antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal whole body detox.
  • Heavy metal detox diet plan.
  • Six organ Detox Menu Plan that includes recipes and shopping lists.
  • Demonstration breathing exercise.
  • Demonstration lymphatic massage.

The seminar duration is 12 hours, broken in three sessions
The cost: