The Power of the Immune System

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This course will explain the immune system and how it functions. The most important topic of the seminar “How to keep your immune system healthy” covers the question by describing how eliminating body invaders can improve your health. You will learn how herbs and food can fight viruses, bacteria, and fungus.

The number of cases of new bacterial and fungal infections resistant to antibiotics has been increasing in recent years. Antimicrobial resistance can be a severe threat to people with a weak immune system. Therefore, treatment with antibiotics is slowly becoming ineffective. While scientists have not developed an effective treatment for when antibiotics fail us, the only adequate protection is the immune system, the body’s natural defense.

  • How does the immune system work?
  • How to avoid Invaders of the immune system.
  • Cold and flu defense remedies
  • Natural ways to strengthen the immune system
  • Diet menu plan to strengthen the immune system

The seminar duration: 2h 30 min.
The cost: