Our Immune System

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The number of cases of new bacterial and fungal infections resistant to antibiotics has been increased in recent years. Antimicrobial resistance is serious threat to people with a weak immune   system as result, the medication become ineffective. And while scientist have not developed an effective antidote to a dangerous invader, the only effective protection is the human immune system – the body’s natural defense.

The course will briefly explain how the immune system works. The most of important topic of seminar is how to keep your immune system healthy by eliminating body invaders such as parasites, bacteria and fungus. You will learn how the herbs and food from your kitchen can fight virus, bacteria and fungus.

Topics covered:

  • Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria & Antibiotics
  • Immune System Function – Antigens & Antibodies
  • Fevers: Natural Treatments and Protocol
  • Why We Get Sick
  • How Bacteria Become Resistant
  • Signs & Factors of a Weak Immune System
  • How to Strengthen the Immune System

Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is not only about dietary limitations and exercise.

This seminar will give you lots of information about the importance of work/life balance and will guide you on the development and implementation of healthy habits.

  • Sleep
  • Exercise
  • Natural skin and hair care
  • Natural cleaning products