Natural Remedies that Heal and Home-Made Remedy Workshop

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We will share our knowledge and passion for natural remedies, from a collective of over 25 years, with you. These natural remedies helped us, our families, and clients to get and stay healthy.

This seminar will help you in choosing the remedies that are best suited for your individual needs for your health. You will also learn what remedies from your kitchen can reduce pain, cold symptoms, treat skin problems, and more. This workshop will teach you how to make food supplements such as herbal cleansing, fiber, protein mix, high absorbable calcium, vitamins, and other nutrients. These will be more potent and affordable compared to buying them from a retail establishment.

Topics covered (Natural Remedies):

  • The basic concept of herbal science
  • Effectiveness remedies
  • Herbs for Digestive Health, skin disorder, cold
  • How to choose the right herb
  • Ancient techniques of making herbal remedies
  • Homeopathic Remedies
  • Vibrational Remedies