Healthy Components of Diet: Let Food Be Your Medicine

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Not too many people realize that replacing natural food with synthetic supplements does more harm than good. This course will focus on the most nutrient-dense foods combinations that replace synthetic supplements.

This course is a great way to start on the path to healthier eating. You will learn how to prepare wholesome everyday foods and organize your kitchen. Conventional methods of cooking could result in a 50%-80% loss of the nutrients in food. You will learn how to preserve the most nutrients but still bring out the great flavor in less than 10 minutes of cooking. The course will provide tools on how to create recipes that are highly nutritious and easy to prepare.

Topics covered:

  • Roles and types of proteins, fats, sugar, and carbohydrates
  • Best sources of macronutrients
  • Top vitamins and minerals of a healthy diet, including their food sources, as well as the best supplements.
  • How to achieve optimal nutrient absorption based on food science.
  • Guide to spices and herbs that increase energy, support digestion, and proper elimination.